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We handle the planning so you can get to living.


Financial Planning for Motivated Millennials

Hey! Thanks for checking out our site. I’m Michael Izbotsky, CFP , Founder and Owner of our firm, From Planning to Living LLC. I wanted to create a financial planning firm that caters to people like me: those who understand the true value of time. Gone are the days of working the traditional 9 - 5 and being confined to the hours on the clock. Whether despite this or because of this, our days seem to be busier than ever before. So, what is it that you’re doing with your time? Or I should ask, what would you rather be doing with your time?


I created FPL to help people live their best lives and create the futures they actually want for themselves—not the stereotypical retirement after 40 years at a company you only “kind of” like. As our saying goes, “We handle the planning so you can get to living.” We handle the planning so you can spend your time doing what you love and stress less about what needs to get done or how to get it done. Why wait until you’re 65 to start living?

Quick Facts About Me:

  • Friends and family make me happiest

  • Coffee, good books, Netflix Originals, and podcasts get me through each day

  • Camping, traveling, and surfing keep me rejuvenated and feeling free

Take a look around and let us know what you think!



Michael D. Izbotsky, CFP

Founder and Owner


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Michael Izbotsky, CFP   - Founder & Owner


  • Working in personal finance since 2014


       ​What is a CFP  professional?

  • B.S. in Statistics with Emphasis in Actuarial Science - San Diego State University


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