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You may have talked to a financial adviser in the past and been told that you don’t have enough money to work with him or her. Or, you may have been told that you don’t have enough money to even need financial advice. But what if you're making good money and just getting started? What if you're investing primarily in your own business? Or what if your investments are mainly in real estate? We get it. None of this should limit your access to quality advice.


At FPL we offer financial advice and financial planning services regardless of whether you have money to invest. We offer all of our services, including investment management, for a fee only. This means that we never receive commissions for the work we do or the recommendations we provide. This allows us to always serve you in a clear fiduciary capacity—always acting in your best interest.

"Sounds good! So what exactly do you do?"

Simply put, we handle the planning so you can get to living. We start by asking three key questions:

  • What is most important to you?

  • What do you dread the most? And,

  • What would you be doing today if money (or work) weren’t an obstacle?

Based on your goals, we create an action plan to take you from where you are today to where you want to be.

We handle the planning to keep you on track and help you worry less so you can get to living your life now. 

Why should all your fun and adventures wait any longer?

Common Goals:

Start your own business

Expand your business

Buy your dream home

Generate passive income

Travel every year

Pay off student debt

"Awesome! So where do we meet?"

We meet virtually! Forget about fighting the notorious LA traffic. Working virtually allows us to meet wherever you are: whether that’s “all the way” down in South Bay or across the country. There’s no need to even change out of your jammies!

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